Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, William Kate, William Kate princessWilliam Kate Middleton, now all these names are in air for Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. But here we will see how Catherine Elizabeth Middleton became the William Kate,William Kate princess or William Kate Middleton. As many of the people are aware of the name Kate Middletonbut Kate Middleton’s real name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton but now I will use the name as general public is aware off mean Kate Middleton. Please continue reading for full story of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a daughter of Francis Middleton and Carole ElizabethKate belonged to an airline employed family because her mother was a flight attendant and father was airline officer in British Airways. She was the last and 3rd child of her parents and took birth at Royal Berkshire Hospital in ReadingKate got her early education from English Language Nursery school in Jordan and St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, Berkshire and then from Downe House for brief studies. Until now it was a story about Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  Now we will start the story of William Kate.

After completion of early education Kate joined the Marlborough College in Wiltshire for her honor studies inHistory of Art. Now it was the place where Kate Middleton 1st time met with Prince William. Then she did some jobs like a accessory buyer and then she was interested in photography and also remained an icon of the fashion world. But with all this she remained as a good friend of Prince William. lot of news came on front about Kate Middleton and Prince Williams affair but they refused at the early stages but later on media exposed the whole story and then at the end Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged on November 16, 2010 and  Catherine Elizabeth Middleton became the William Kate.