Kate William

William Kate Middleton or William and Kate Middleton are not two names, not two persons and not two individuals now. Because every one take Prince William and Kate Middleton name combine together as William Kate Middleton now. So what was the original story behind William Kate Middleton every one is entrusted to now it now. Because we know that William is the Prince of United kingdom and Kate Middleton was just an ordinary citizen of the U.K before becoming William Kate Middleton.

The story of William Kate Middleton starts from an institute for students and ends at the marriage of William Kate Middleton Wedding. The story is like some kind of a romantic movies or drama. Where a boy and girl see each other, meet each other, fall in love and their ultimate goal is to become one. William Kate Middleton is another good example in the society and all over the globe that status is not the matter for getting combine. But the William Kate Middleton story tells us that there is only one need of getting together for any couple, for any new relation and that is just true love. So we congratulate to William Kate Middleton for their true and successful love story. What ever would be the ultimate end of this story we don't need to talk about this but what we need is just pray for the successful life ahead for William Kate Middleton couple after getting married on April 29, 2011.