Rihanna Red Hair

Rihanna is always re-inventing herself . Every time Rihanna starts with her every changing hairstyles.  From long and sleek, to fierce fiery red locks the songstress never plays it safe. No doubt that Rihanna is famous due to her singing. But being the icon of industry this is important for Rihanna to stay up dated. Rihanna not only stay up dated in her self. But also give new fashion and style to her fans. Rihanna fans love the way Rihanna looks. specially Rihanna hair styles and Rihanna hairs. Rihanna’s  hairstyles have been recreated at so many neighborhood salons, that it’s safe to say Rih-Rih is indeed a trendsetter. Recently news channel report that Rihanna have some treatment on her hairs that cost her about 14000. After getting this news Rihanna fans get crazy to see Rihanna new hair look. As they know that Rihanna always gives best hair fashion and always brings innovation and uniqueness in her styles. Check out Rihanna Red Hair. Rihanna red hairs are looking so good and boosting up her personalty. Some people are saying that Rihanna is looking more gorgeous and hot in new red  hair look. People are bit waiting for Rihanna  photoshoot in her new red hair look. Rihanna red hair dye that Rihanna adopt is really sleek and attractive. People are waiting for Rihanna red hair 2011 photoshoot. Let's have a look on Rihanna red hair colour 2011.