Ricky Gervais Made A Promo For Life Is Too Short

Ricky Gervais did Warwick Davis wearing a frog suit for this. If I had something funny that I could add to this, I would be the one to do this face after checking my account balance. Even if Megan Fox is no longer allowed on the Transformers set, is Sacha Baron Cohen is still cool with her and pulled her in as a late addition to the cast of the dictator. Looks like she will be spelling of her inevitable fate as the Scary Movie series cameo for just a little longer.

With Jennifer Lopez's stint on American Idol kind of reminds us we still have a Jennifer Lopez in this world, is the former FlyGirl now in negotiations in two parts, the female lead opposite Jason Statham in Parker and a supportive role to Cameron Diaz in what you can expect when you expect. Because it's not like there is a more recent critical and financial precedent for never again make a movie about Jennifer Lopez and pregnancy.

Saw and insidious director James Wan is in negotiations to direct the magic of New Line. Is The imagines a "true story" of some unforgettable that never happened, but can be shot at a million or thereabouts.