Hottest Celebrity Breakups of 2011

Celebrity Breakups of 2011

An ordinary man is famous when he / she makes a good, charitable work, actor, actress or even a social worker. Now-a-days, the celebrities are always in the news somehow or the other.

If we look sharply two quarters of 2011, nearly 10 celebrity divorces. Some splits by some reasons such as to secure their future and a few others could not just their partner. Here is the list of celebrities whose relationship ended after several years of their romance and marriage.

George Clooney won the Academy depicter and Jack in "The American" has split from his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in June last year. They ended their relationship after two years of romance.

Celebrity Breakups of 2011

The main reason behind their split was that George did not want to remarry. During the same June, Elizabeth Hurley, who was in the news last December that she was the secret that the relationship with Shane Warne has filed for divorce four years married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar at life.

The most talked about relationship breakup was Maria Shriver with her ​​former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The couple left announced their separation in May last year and their divorce was finalized in July. The next couple became known as Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. it was sad that the Playboy mogul was left alone with his girlfriend with only one week before their wedding in June.

Celebrity Breakups of 2011