Katy Perry Eyes

As 2011 is ended and 2012 is started so people have become more anxious to know about their favriout celebrities. They is dieing to know what are their plans for new year. Specially when we are talking about Katy Perry we found lots of her fans are exploring her new plans for up coming year. But what i believe Katy Perry Eyes Color is still topic of discussion for lots of people as Katy Perry Eyes Makeup have lot of varitey and people are really crazy for Katy Perry Eyes. Specially when she come on stag the way Katy Perry Eyeshadow are applied with the matching of her dress really astonishing. I found lots of her fans want to know How to Get Katy Perry Eyes. I believe people still thinks What Color are Katy Perry Eyes? So to reduce your efforts we have some collection of  Katy Perry Eyes in my blog. Let's have a look