"Sucker Punch" Girls Cover Nylon April 2011!

Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning and Jamie Chung take the April 2011 cover of Nylon magazine.

Vanessa on co-star, Jena Malone: “I remember walking in the very first day, and Jena is stretching her back from side to side, and I remember looking at her like, ‘Damn! Look at the back on that chica! She was so cut! I was blown away by her back muscles. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m a little bit intimidated, I must admit.’”

Emily on the cast: “Warner Brothers were surprised that we all got along. It was magic. I only met everyone after they were cast.”

Vanessa on watching the film: “My adrenaline was kicking, my energy, my spirits were so high that I literally felt like I had just walked out of a rock concert…When I saw it, I was literally like, Woo, yes! I can do anything! Yay! Go women! Like, I feel so empowered.”