Kristen Stewart Covers Glamour Magazine!

Kristen Stewart takes the November 2011 cover of Glamour Magazine.

On the last day of filming "Breaking Dawn": "On the final night of filming I was literally pulling out my hair and crying and having to walk away for a second because my voice wasn't working anymore."

On relationship advice: "Hmm…good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself. Don’t be an asshole. That’s my advice. Don’t be mean. Don’t take shit. Don’t settle."

On her style: "I have a uniform of sorts–I will be comfortable in a certain hood of mine no matter what mood I am in. And there’s nothing better than a new stack of white V-necks. For me, “changing” is either a new T-shirt. And I need pockets, ’cause if I carried a bag, I’d lose it purposely."

On her 21st birthday: "I turned 21 the same weekend as our Breaking Dawn wrap party. So it was lucky because I had this blowout party with everyone, but I didn’t have to feel like the birthday girl. I do feel older, I guess. It’s amazing to realize that a lot of the insecurities I had when I was younger have pretty much disappeared."